VESTA and GOR are the bio-fireplaces designed for British Fires, an Italian company specialized in alternative fireplaces.

They are the result of a creative factory that took place last year in Rome, promoted by British Fires. deZign Studio supported the management and art direction of the 4-days-long workshop and designed several proposals. The collection of bio-fireplaces that came out from that factory was gathered under the brand Officine del Fuoco, whose products, all made by young emerging designers, are characterized by the use of a particular burner completely safe and TUV certified, bioethanol-powered.

GOR is an hybrid between a  freestanding fireplace and a coffee table. A solid block is stabbed with thin rods designing a contemporary altar for domestic rituals of relax. Its minimal style makes it suitable for all kinds of spaces, while the fire softens the severity of the shape.

VESTA is a wall-fireplace that with its triangular shapes recalls the  geometry of the flame and deconstructs it in a solid black diamond and a laser cut decorated hood. Its lines stretched toward the upper part design a sort of quartz crystal; the metal carving enhances thermal diffusion and create an aura of mystery.

design by Sara Armento/deZign Studio


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